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"I just wanted to share a story about the things that can happen as a result of this book. I mentioned previously that as a result of writing my book chapter then being published on Doximity, I had the confidence to apply to be a Doximity author & was accepted. As a result of my Doximity work, I was contacted on LinkedIn & asked to be a presenter at a psychiatry conference next year with all expenses paid, free CME, & a speakers fee. It’s a legit conference & this is the 1st time I will be paid for speaking. The Chronicles of Women in White Coats —> Doximity —> PsychCongress Elevate conference."

— Danielle Johnson

This will be the cover of my Ebook and Course! Thank you Dr. Amber Robins [A. Robins Nest Media] for all of your help with my Ebook and course!" 

— Mary Claire Haver

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