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About the

Book Publishing Challenge

A. Robins Nest Media is looking for unconventional authors who would like some healthy competition with the goal of getting published.
Deadline for the Book Publishing Challenge: December 31, 2018

Here's How It Works

1. Submit your book idea. 
2. Your book idea will be posted on our website. 
3. People must vote on your book to go towards you winning a publishing contract!
The book idea with the most votes wins!
4. The winner will have A. Robins Nest Media to help develop and then publish your book. A. Robins Nest Media will market your book and get your book into bookstores.
The Rules
1. Submit your book idea below. Your book idea should be at most 500 words. 
2. You will advertise your book help get votes that will help you get published.
4. The book idea with the most votes wins a publishing contract from A. Robins Nest Media. 
Those who do not win the competition during their competition cycle will then be able to self-publish their book
with the assistance of A. Robins Nest Media.
You will be given group coaching services from book development all the way to print. This paid service will be given to authors at a discounted rate. 



Success! Message received. Thank you for submitting your book idea. It will be posted soon.

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